Games & Sports


Sports have been viewed as a way to stay healthy and fit. But sports’ importance goes much further. Sports help in the overall development of students. Playing sports teaches lessons of life, such as teamwork, accountability, self-confidence, responsibility, and self-discipline.


Sports in school help prepare students to face the challenges of life. They enhance physical and mental abilities of students and help them achieve the goals of their life. One can realize the importance of sports by the various national and international sporting events organized all over the world, where sportspersons represent their own countries.


The training of the students starts right from the school level. Sports help develop values of mutual trust and cooperation. They help develop students’ capacitiesin taking instant decisions, and they enhance thought processes. The feeling of sportsmanship or sporting spirit, which develops in the sporting arena, teaches students to accept failure and to respect others. The feeling also helps indeveloping a calm and positive outlook, and it increasesstamina by strengthening bones and muscles.